DV Die Cutting Boston

A Boston Die Cutting Facility with State-of-the-Art Facilities and a Commitment to Excellence

Though the die cutting process is now centuries old, the equipment used in this industry has changed as rapidly as any other technology. With more sophisticated and versatile equipment, die cutting continues to be one of the preferred processes whereby original equipment manufacturers can access mass-produced materials without sacrificing quality. The expert technicians at Boston’s DV Die Cutting have over a century of combined experience in all types of die cutting. Industries currently served include the life sciences, medical devices, biotech, the life sciences, homeland security, industrial, military, electronic, and commercial industries. It is no wonder why DV Die Cutting has become Boston’s preferred provider of die cutting services. Whether your business requires gaskets, electrical insulators, or other speciality parts, the expert team and precision software at DV Die Cutting will deliver your desired parts on time and at a fair cost.

Boston’s Most Versatile Die Cutting Services

DV Die Cutting occupes a state-of-the-art facility conveniently located just outside of Boston. Our industrial die cutters manufacture such products as gaskets for automotive applications, safety enclosures, gaming devices, small engine parts, electrical insulators, and more. Thus, our Boston clients represent industries as diverse as the electronics original equipment manufacturers and vendors and medical supply companies. We produce electrical insulators with high temperature materials which are used in medical devices, computers, high tech electronics, and many other applications. The team at DV Die Cutting has both broad and deep experience in service customers. Regardless of the prototype’s context, the volume of product required, or the desired material, the expert technicians at DV Die Cutting help each client select the most durable and cost-effective solution for their product’s application. Moreover, because we work with companies of all types and sizes, we can accept requests in the form of a sketch or CAD drawing. DV Die Cutting also tracks each project using our automated E2 Shoptimizer software, inviting the clients to keep apprised of a project’s progress throughout the fabrication process. Call today and discover why Boston trusts DV Die Cutting with all of its die cutting needs.

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